Fighting back the attacks against an educational model that embraces diversity, respect and feminism.

Who are we?

A group of young activists who are actively participating in Pren-los!, a project under the umbrella of L’Associació de Drets Sexuals i Reproductius, a grassroots Sexual and Reproductive rights Catalan organisation.


What brings us here?

The arrival of VOX, an extreme right-wing party, in the public institutions is threatening  the rights, dignity and livelihood of underserved and underrepresented groups. One of their most recent measures, already approved in the region of Murcia, is the Parental PIN. The Parental PIN is a policy that would make it mandatory for schools and other educational centres to ask for individual parental authorisation so students can participate in complementary activities. Such activities include workshops against gender-based violence and homophobia or sessions on comprehensive sexuality education.


What is our stance? 

In light of the above and understanding the essential role that young people have in shaping their societies in a socially just way, we: 


  • Applaud and support educational activities against LGBTQI+ phobia, sexism, racism, capacitism and any other form of discrimination. 
  • Applaud and support educational activities, such as capacity-appropriate comprehensive sexuality education, that enable students to take autonomous and informed decisions about their bodies and the relationships they establish with others. 
  • Denounce and reject the approval of any law, policy or measure, such as the Parental PIN, that limits the capacity of children to receive the aforementioned education and information. 


What can you do about it? 

As a legislator and someone with a clear responsibility towards the societies you serve, we ask you to: 


  • Always stand up for and uphold Sexual and Reproductive Rights as well as Reproductive Justice. 
  • Push for educational models with activities that fight against discriminatory attitudes towards women, heterodissident individuals, migrants and racialised people among others. 
  • Position yourself and push for a clear position of your parliamentary group against measures that attack the right to education and information, such as the Parental PIN.
  • Be proactive in the fight against fundamentalist groups and extreme right-wing parties.
  • Meaningfully engage children, adolescents and young people in all those decisions that can affect their education and their future.

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